Looze Minded Album Review

Looze Minded Album Review

By April Renee


“ Looze Minded ” is undeniably a manifestation of Looze Cannon’s love of music and experience in the music industry. With his first and highly anticipated album of the year, Cannon creates harmonious noise from beginning to end. The melodic sound of this album is truly a sound that the world has yet to hear.

This album is distinctly riding on a sensational wave of its own. Cannon has somehow, lustfully mastered creating a contrast in sound on each track yet, has been able to keep this album one solitary sound of its own.

Looze Cannon uses catchy hooks, and intricate wordplay that will leave your ears anxiously desiring more. Cannon not only pours his creative heart out on every track, but he takes you on an unforgettable experience throughout the album itself.

At the duration of Looze Minded, any listening ear will have been turned into a joyous ear.






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